WANTED: Royal Marine Commando

3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines is the Royal Navy's amphibious infantry on permanent readiness to deploy across the globe, and is a core component of the UK's Response Force Task Group. Together the Royal Navy's amphibious ships and the Brigade represent a highly mobile, self-sustained and versatile organisation, with a strategic power projection capability that is unique among the British armed services.

WANTED: Gunners

Commonly known as the ‘Gunners’, the Royal Artillery provides firepower to the British Army. We are responsible for finding the enemy using a variety of high-tech equipment and then, when we need to, striking them using everything from explosive shells to advanced precision rockets.

WANTED: Pilots and Aircrew

The Joint Aviation Group, commonly known as the 'JAG' provides 3 Commando Brigade with Combat Service Support, Close Combat Attack and Close Air Support.

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